Comparing cPanel and Plesk for Hosting Control Panel

For anyone who is just about to start a new website, one thing you should be very careful of is the type of control panel that you are about to choose.

You should try to choose one that you are most convenient with and also, look for a hosting that offers the type that you are looking for.

As far as the type is concerned, cPanel and Plesk happen to be the two most popular types. However, a lot of people are not very clear about the differences between cPanel and Plesk.

If you are one among such people, you are on the right page at the moment and this post will walk you through the most important differences between cPanel and Plesk

Comparing cPanel and Plesk for Hosting Control Panel 1

What is a Control Panel?

In simple words, a control panel is a web-based interface that helps you manage your hosting account. Also, most of them comprise a graphical interface to help you manage the several aspects of your hosting account.

Released in 1996, cPanel is extensively used for all types of servers while Plesk was released in 2001 and it soon became the primary control panel for all windows based servers alongside having versions for Linux.

Things a control panel assists you with

  1. It assists you with domain transfer and domain registration
  2. It supports you with database management
  3. It assists you to see the volume of traffic the server is getting
  4. It helps you create email accounts and manage them
  5. It allows you to secure your website through the .htaccess
  6. Also, it helps you install apps such as WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, etc.

cPanel Vs Plesk: Dashboard

Comparing cPanel and Plesk for Hosting Control Panel 2

If we consider the dashboard, all the functionalities are labeled with colorful icons and categorized under appropriate sections in a cPanel and this makes the navigation exceptionally simple and easy. Even if you are a new user, it should take you only about a few minutes to get used to it.

However, a Plesk dashboard is a little different in terms of the model and it arranges the settings and configuration options based on individual sites. This is the reason that users may need comparatively more time to get the hang of the Plesk interface.

cPanel Vs Plesk: Security

It is absolutely important to put the right emphasis on the aspect of security when it comes to server and websites. This is the reason that we need to first ensure that the control panel we choose has the right mix of security options.

It took us a couple of hours to carefully analyze and test the various security options that both the control panel offers. If we consider the aspect of security, both cPanel and Plesk offer rock-solid security with the right mix of powerful security features.

Comparing cPanel and Plesk for Hosting Control Panel 3


  1. cPanel comes with AutoSSL by Let’s Encrypt which is a pretty handy feature
  2. Also, it offers an advanced brute force protection
  3. cPanel helps you make your site exceptionally secure with the ConfigServer Security and Firewall
  4. The Email Spam Filters option largely helps keep the spam away from your email inbox
  5. It offers SSH access, IP blocker, leech protection, and two-factor authentication for strengthening your site security even further


  • Plesk allows you to set custom firewall rules to keep your site unimaginably secure
  • It also offers users auto SSL by Let’s Encrypt
  • It offers users an amazing option to monitor, detect and remove malware called the ImunifyAV
  • The Fail2ban is yet another handy tool that Plesk offers that can help you scan log files and ban IP addresses that are engaged with malicious things
  • Also, Plesk helps you keep the spam away from your email inbox with the help of its Email Spam Filters
Comparing cPanel and Plesk for Hosting Control Panel 4

cPanel vs Plesk: Cost

As far as the cost is concerned, there are two ways to see it; cPanel is cheaper than Plesk for entry-level hosting. However, if you are looking forward to setting up a control panel on your server, Plesk is certainly cheaper than cPanel.


If you are still wondering as to which one of these two is better, it is certainly a matter of your convenience and choice. Needless to say, learning how to use cPanel takes comparatively lesser time than learning how to use Plesk.

However, as far as the features are concerned, both cPanel and Plesk offers you a perfect mix of features and allows you to have excellent control. Also, we have carefully tested the security features of both the control panel types and found both of them to be equally good.

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