Linux Vs Windows Hosting 2019

You must have already come across the terms, Linux and Windows while you are browsing on the website of any web hosting provider in the past but do you really know in what ways they differ?

Needless to say, both Linux and Windows are pretty popular operating systems for web servers. However, Linux based web hosting has a slight leading edge over the windows based web hosting as it offers more features.

Most people prefer Linux and only if you have applications based on windows, you may consider choosing windows operating system.

Linux Vs Windows Web Hosting: Price

Linux Vs Windows Hosting 2019 1

Pricing is always a crucial factor. In order to understand the price differences between Linux and Windows web hosting, we have to consider the core OS that runs on the webserver and, of course, the UI, hardware upgrades, etc.

However, Linux servers cost by far lesser than the Windows servers in the long run. This is the reason that a lot of users prefer choosing Linux over Windows.

Linux Vs Windows Web Hosting: Software Support

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The choice of OS largely depends on script languages and Database applications. If you have a site that needs windows based script language or database applications, or if your site has been developed using Microsoft ASP.NET, ASP Classic, MSSSQL, MS Access, SharePoint technologies, Windows is the ultimate OS for you.

However, if you are looking forward to using windows based script language or database applications or technologies like Apache modules, NGINX or development tools like Perl, PHP, or Python with a MySQL database, you can choose Linux without a second thought.

Linux Vs Windows Web Hosting: Control Panel

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As far as the control is concerned, Windows OS uses Plesk while Linux uses cPanel and WHM. However, with cPanel, you have the advantage of a very user-friendly interface. Creating, managing MySQL databases and configuring PHP is ridiculously simple using cPanel.

Also, it is pretty easy simple to set up and manage email addresses using cPanel. In simple words, using cPanel, you can easily manage your hosting account without having to need any coding knowledge.

Plesk UI is certainly not as friendly as in cPanel and using it, you can run Windows version of the Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP stack. Also, there are many advanced tools by Microsoft available in a Windows server. However, the big downside is that there are fewer apps to choose from in Windows Hosting.

Linux Vs Windows Web Hosting: Security

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Even though most people believe that there is not any major difference between Linux and Windows Web Hosting when it comes to security and it all depends on using good passwords, a proper backup and applying necessary patches, the recent Ransomware attacks on Windows servers reflects the fact that it is more vulnerable than Linux.

However, there are many places wherein Linux has a leading edge over Windows Web Hosting. They hardly need to be rebooted and also, change in configuration never needs a restart. Also, in Linux, files are case sensitive while in Windows, they are not.


The choice of OS can be pretty difficult sometimes. However, a better understanding of the differences between Linux and Windows Web Hosting will certainly help you make the right choice. In this post, we tried our best to keep things unimaginable simple for you and help you understand the exact differences.

As per our observation, Linux is better than Windows in terms of security, performance, software support, Pricing, etc. and you can always choose Linux OS without any doubt unless you need windows based applications that are not available in Linux.

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