Top cPanel Alternatives (Free and Premium)

Top cPanel Alternatives (Free and Premium) 1

You have many choices to work with when finding an alternative to cPanel. As popular and simple as cPanel can be for managing your hosted site, it is also risky at times. The program often comes with many significant security flaws that will harm your experience with cPanel. You might have to pay more for cPanel than what you might expect.

You can find many useful cPanel alternatives that work for your needs. These include free and paid options for your convenience.

Free Choices


Top cPanel Alternatives (Free and Premium) 2

Those who want something that isn’t as heavy as cPanel and yet provides a convenient approach to data can use Froxlor for their needs. Froxlor lets you work with IPv4 and IPv6 systems alike. You can set your ports based on the unique connection you have.

The SSL support feature lets you use many certificates in one domain. You can also save PHP configurations with Froxlor to make it easier for your data to be accessible. You’ve got the option to produce unique themes for work based on what you want to highlight on your site.


Top cPanel Alternatives (Free and Premium) 3

ZPanel is another free choice for you to check out when looking for a convenient connection. Zpanel requires a bit of extra technical support, what with Zpanel being an open-source option. But the extensive Zpanel community and a large amount of support you’ll get out of the app make it a useful choice.

You can control FTP features on your site with Zpanel. You can also configure databases, email listings, and other features for your convenience.


Top cPanel Alternatives (Free and Premium) 4

Webmin provides a free web-based approach to controlling your site. You can work with DNS and Apache accounts alike. The open-source design allows you to adjust the source code and other features as you see fit, thus making it a convenient choice for your use.


Top cPanel Alternatives (Free and Premium) 5

Plesk is useful for having a simple interface that may be easier to use than what cPanel offers. You can work with many encryption and security parameters for your Plesh hosting need as you see fit. You can also use Plesk on a Linux or Windows server, which is useful given that cPanel only works on Linux.

Plesk also comes with a WordPress toolkit. You can use the same platform to install and update anything on your WordPress setup. You can employ the backup and restoration features at your convenience as well.


Top cPanel Alternatives (Free and Premium) 6

Having the ability to control your website is critical to your success. DirectAdmin provides a comfortable approach to managing your site that is easy to prepare and set up. With DirectAdmin, you can use the control panel setup provided to your advantage. You can get your content managed in a few moments thanks to a convenient design.

The fast nature of DirectAdmin makes it easier for your work to move fast. The stabile design also automatically recovers when a system crashes for any reason. You can even use a flexible licensing plan with this that offers a setup for managing your usage needs.


Top cPanel Alternatives (Free and Premium) 7

You might need something that is a little more technical or precise for the unique needs you have. VirtualMin is an option for work that gives you full control over the quality of your design. You can work with many modules for controlling your content with VirtualMin. You can set rules for emails, produce mail filters, and redesign the code on your site.

VirtualMin requires more technical know-how, not to mention the extra effort in managing different features around your system. But the design that Virtualmin provides will make it easier for you to handle your content as you see fit.

Key Rules For Finding a Solution

All of the above options are useful cPanel alternatives. But regardless of what you choose, you will have to take note of a few things of value when finding a choice that fits your work needs:

  • Make sure you have something that works with your operating system. Many Linux distributions can support the cPanel alternatives that you have read about here. But you can also find some that work with Windows.
  • The interface needs to be something simple and use. You need an interface that isn’t complicated or otherwise hard to figure out.
  • The support for domains, FTPs, databases, and backing up your content is critical. You have to find something that lets you control all of these features.
  • Anything that is easy to install helps as well.

You’ll find plenty of things to love about these cPanel alternatives. Take a look at what’s open for your convenience.

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